Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Join us tomorrow at Wangsa Melawati!

iLuvQuran Wangsa Melawati Open Day 1 January 2015

Join us at iLuvQuran Wangsa Melawati to find out more or register for our Quran programs:

- Quranic Seedlings- new classes 

- QBabies & QBeginners- new intake for 2015 modules 

- Junior Al-Hafiz - weekend classes still available. Weekdays fully booked alhamdulillah

- Quranic Coaching - (6 yrs old to adults) weekday mornings and/or weekday nights and/or weekends

Open Day at Al-Amin Bangi

Alhamdulillah the turn-out al Al-Amin Bangi was very good. More than twenty parents registered for the program. At 2pm, as we wrapped up, only six spots are left, for some parents who chose to register online.  

Many came by to ask questions and discuss about the program. Alhamdulillah it was quite a frenzy. So much so that we didn't have any opportunity to take any pictures during the Open Day. The only picture taken was of the banner after everything was done :). Alhamdulillah. 

The Junior Al-Hafiz program is in collaboration (renting space) at Al-Amin Bangi. 

InshaAllah once we find a suitable place for iLuvQuran Bangj we will offer our other classes- Quranic Seedlings and Quranic Coaching :). Please make du'a for us. 

May our children grow up with exemplary character and the Quranic message in their hearts. Aamiin. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

iLuvQuran Open Day at Bangi

Junior Al-Hafiz will be offered at Al-Amin Bangi starting this new school year inshaAllah. 

Come ask questions and find out more about the program at our booth in the Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Amin Bangi tomorrow 31/12/14 from 8am - 2 pm inshaAllah!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saujana Utama Open Day

Pictures from our Open Day on 27 December 2014. 

Jazakumullahu khair and thanks for coming!

InshaAllah we will start with our Quranic Seedlings class on 17/1/2014 at Saujana Utama and Quranic Coaching classes focused on reading Quran on Wednesday nights 8pm- 10 pm. 

Our address in Saujana Utama is:

ILuvQuran Saujana Utama, First floor, 5-1 Jalan Bidara 9/3. Saujana Utama 3. 47000 Sg Buluh.

To register, go to and choose the Online Registration tab :). 

For further information on the Saujana Utama branch, Ustazah Anisa and Ustazah Khairah can be contacted inshaAllah. (013 26 21 44 9)


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Getting ready for 2015 inshaAllah

Training and gotong-royong for the past three days at iLuvQuran Wangsa Melawati. 

Before- stained white walls from the little and big hands of our 133 students coming in and out- here and there :) alhamdulillah.

After- ustaz painting, ustazah cleaning and organizing, alhamdulillah new layout for the reception area and new layer of painting for all the classes to last us for at least 6 -12 more months inshaAllah :). 

Paying someone else to repaint the walls would have cost us a few thousand, but painting and cleaning it up together- invaluable for the teamwork, experiences and camaraderie we achieve working together as a team. 

Yes, not just anyone will be willing to share their time and energy to repaint a school or a tahfiz. We pray that Allah will bless this great team of ustaz and ustazah. 

Our new team members were also there:

1. Ustaz Hisham Al-Hafiz, graduated as a dietician, will be teaching in Bangi inshaAllah

2. Ustaz Mohammad Bassam Al-Hafiz, from Jordan completing his Masters, will also be in Bangi inshaAllah

3. Ustazah Marwah Saari, graduated from Jordan will be heading the Quranic Seedlings program 

4. Ustazah Norannisa Rohmat, arabic literature graduate from UIA will be teaching Quranic Seedlings and assisting in Saujana Utama with,

5. Ustazah Khairulbariah, arabic literature graduate from UIA will be teaching Quranic Seedlings and assisting in Saujana Utama inshaAllah. 

6. Dr. Aliah Tarmizi, will be assisting the team in our headquarters in Wangsa Melawati inshaAllah. 

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. What a great combination. May Allah bless the team. 

InshaAllah we are holding another round of interview tonight to find two more ustaz/ustazah Al-hafiz/ah for teaching Junior Al-Hafiz in Bangi. May Allah help us find the best fit. 

Join us on:

* Saturday 27/12 for our open day in Saujana Utama, 

* 31/12 at Al-Amin Bangi and 

* 1/1 at Wangsa Melawati

 inshaAllah ^_^. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Now everyone can memorize!

If Air Asia says, 'Now everyone can fly". iLuvQuran says, "Now everyone can memorise Quran". And why shouldn't everyone memorise the beautiful words of Allah in our hearts and minds?

Should we settle for just reading Quran and khatam once in our lifetimes? Just as we continuously seek to improve ourselves throughout our lives, we should also seek to improve our Quranic recitation and knowledge. And what better way to do this than to memorise His beautiful words.

And why should we think that only certain people can memorise Quran? Yes, Allah chooses only His best servants to carry His noble message in their hearts. But why shouldn't we want to be part of this special group? It is our choice to take the steps to come closer to Him. It is our choice to want to become a hafiz Al-Quran or just another person, another Muslim.

Now everyone can memorise - from the earliest age of 2 years old, we are creating opportunity to create a generation of future leaders who have grown up with the memorisation and understanding of Quran, challenging their thinking and abilities. Let our new generation of leaders be people who have Quran in their hearts, to always guide them in each step inshaAllah.

Our classes are for all age groups- from 2 years old to adults. Different age groups have different modules and classes created according to the developmental phase of the age. Join us to transform your life inshaAllah!

Yes, when we memorise Quran, internalise it, life will never be the same.

Memorize Quran. Life will never be the same.

Monday, December 22, 2014

'Academy Award' Dream Team iLuvQuran

Selepas sessi Hari Kecemerlangan pelajar iLuvQuran, kami juga seharusnya mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih dan doa jazakumullahu khairan katheera kepada Dream Team kami- ustaz ustazah yang menjadi aset utama iLuvQuran. 

Majlis yang simple sahaja, belum mampu untuk membawa ustaz/ah ke hotel tersohor atau berjalan ke pulau :). Tapi alhamdulillah dapat menjamu selera dengn jus mangga dan nasi arab bersama roti dan hummus. 

Setiap ustaz/ustazah mendapat sijil penghargaan di atas bakti sepanjang tahun, dan lima orang ustaz/ah mendapat anugerah istimewa:

- Outstanding Leadership Award: Ustaz Fatah Al-Hafiz

- Outstanding Educator Award: Ustazah Izzah Al-Hafizah

- Outstanding Improvement Award: Ustaz Zaid Al-Hafiz

- Outstanding Extra Mile Award: Teacher Mazalina 

- Young Star Award: Ustaz Loqman Al-Hafiz

Para advisor iLuvQuran juga turut diberi penghargaan di atas jasa mereka alhamdulillah. 

Tanpa antum, tiadalah pencapaian hafazan pelajar iLuvQuran yang memberangsangkan. Tanpa antum, tiadalah keseronokan pelajar untuk hadir ke kelas setiap kali. Tanpa antum, tiadalah erti pada iLuvQuran. Alhamdulillah. MashaAllah. Jazakumullahu khair. 

Moga Allah berkati dengan balasan syurga setinggi- tingginya. 

Sebaik-baik manusia adalah yang mengajar dan belajar Al-Quran (mafhum hadith). 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

We are hiring- Nov 2014

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
Assalamualaikum wbt

InshaAllah we are hiring for 10 vacancies next year in Bangi, Wangsa Melawati/ Keramat & Shah Alam. 

InshaAllah kami membuka peluang bagi individu yang mempunyai bacaan Al-Quran yang amat baik dan hafal 30 juz Al-Quran atau sekurang-kurangnya juz 30. 

Requirements: excellent Quran recitation, memorize all 30 juz of Quran or at least juz 30 for associates/ admin. Subscribe and try the best to implement Islamic values and teachings. Ikhlas, humble, willing to learn and works well in a team striving for ihsan.  

Send your CV now to as interview will be this Saturday after Zuhr. 

Hantarkan resume / cv kepada segera! Temuduga pada hari Sabtu, 29/11 selepas Zuhur (2ptg). 
Benefits include KWSP, SOCSO and trainings. Employment starts in December 2014/ January 2015 inshaAllah. 

Just finished QBeginners Al-Masad module! Alhamdulillah

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Alhamdulillah we have just finished Q Beginners Surah Al-Masad. 

Fun activities while reciting / memorizing Surah Al-Masad playgroup :). 

*we are crossing our hands in one of the pictures because Allah said in surah Al-Masad- Perish the hands of Abu Lahab! 

Enrol now for the next QBabies (2-3 yr olds) and QBeginners (4 yr olds) class- starting on 11/01/14. The module will be Surah Al-Falaq for QBabies and Surah Al-Kaafirun for QBeginners inshaAllah. 

Like us on FB to get our latest updates!

Memorize Quran. Life will never be the same. 

Quranic Storytelling- First!

Alhamdulillah we had our first Free Saturday Quranic Storytelling session on Surah Al-Masad yesterday afternoon :). 

It was a nice and cozy turnout, we spent a few minutes getting to know each other, each person read a few of the ayats from the surah, and then we went into the story for about ten minutes. 

Surah Al-Masad or also known as Al-Lahab is a very graphic surah with lots of stories behind it- about what happens to evil and bad people. So among the lesson for us is that:

1. We should try our best to use our limbs (mentioned in the surah are hands, neck, arms (carrying)) to do good deeds so we can end up in paradise with joyful things to hold instead of fire, firewood, horrid hellfire rope. 

2. When we try our best to do good, we should't be afraid of the bad guys. InshaAllah Allah will take care of us as He did for His beloved prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam. ^_^

InshaAllah we'll put up the story on youtube once it's ready :). (Or once we figure out how to do it ^_^)

Come join us next session on Saturday 24 January 2015 InshaAllah for Surah An-Nasr!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kelebihan Istighfar

Sebenarnya banyak rahsia dan kelebihan istighfar. Pernah seorang shaykh menceritakan, ada pasangan yang datang kepadanya dan mengadu sudah beberapa tahun tidak mendapat anak. 

Maka shaykh tersebut menyuruhnya perbanyakkan istighfar. Pasangan tersebut kepelikan, apa kaitan istighfar dan anak. Namun akur, mereka pulang dan cuba mengamalkan istighfar. 

Selang beberapa masa, pasangan tersebut masih tidak mendapat anak, dan kembali mengadu kepada shaykh. Sekali lagi shaykh dengan penuh keyakinan menyuruh mereka lebih perbanyakkan istighfar. 

Pasangan tersebut akur dan membulatkan tekad mereka, terus menerus semakin perbanyakkan dan perhebatkan istighfar mereka. 

Selang beberapa masa, dengan kuasa Allah, mereka dikurniakan cahaya mata. 

Pasangan tersebut tertanya-tanya dari mana shaykh mendapat kashaf perkaitan antara istighfar dan mendapatkan anak. 

Shaykh tersebut tergelak kecil dan menjawab: "Ini bukan kashaf" katanya lembut. Bahkan kelebihan istighfar ini dirakamkan di dalam al-Quran.

"Maka aku katakan kepada mereka: "Mohonlah ampun kepada Tuhanmu, sesungguhnya Dia adalah Maha Pengampun, niscaya Dia akan mengirimkan hujan kepadamu dengan lebat, dan membanyakkan harta dan anak-anakmu, dan mengadakan untukmu kebun-kebun dan mengadakan (pula di dalamnya) untukmu sungai-sungai."
(Surah Nuh: 10-12)

Jom kita perbanyakkan dan perhebatkan istighfar kita.  😄

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bertabah dan bersabar dalam berusaha

✨ Nabi Musa a.s. pernah berdepan dengan banyak cabaran setinggi gunung yang baginda a.s. sendiri tidak nampak jalan keluar. 

Tetapi Allah s.w.t. pasti tidak meninggalkannya keseorangan. Dan memberikan petunjuk jalan penyelesaian, dengan syarat ada sedikit lonjakan usaha dengan tangan sendiri. 

Nabi Musa tidak mampu membelah laut, tapi yang perlu dilakukan adalah usaha memukul laut dengan tongkatnya. Nabi Musa tidak mampu melawan ular-ular ahli sihir yang banyak, tapi dengan usaha membaling tongkatnya, Allah berikan kemenangan. 

Kadangkala kita rasa putus asa dan banyak sangat cabaran, banyak sangat perkara yang perlu diselesaikan. Tapi yang Allah mahukan dari kita cumalah sedikit lonjakan usaha. Kemudian dengan keyakinan dan tawakkal Allah akan bantu, mudahkan dan pasti akan tunjukkan jalan keluar. ✨

"fa iza faraghta fansob, wa ila rabbika farghob"

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ada apa dengan kelkatu

Berinteraksi dgn kelkatu..

Kelkatu ada disebut di dlm surah Al-Qari'ah.

Surah tersebut menggambarkan keadaan manusia seperti kelkatu yg berkeliaran, saling melanggar antara satu sama lain tanpa haluan, dlm ketakutan, keseorangan, disebabkan berlakunya hari yang menggemparkan.

Hari itu di mana buku amalan akan diserahkan kepada kita, segala amalan dibentangkan, kemudian ditimbang. Setelah itu diadili. 

Kalau timbangan amalan baik berat, perlu diadili oleh Allah?

Ya, kerana hanya Allah yang mengetahui adakah amalan baik tersebut keranaNya atau kerana dunia atau manusia lain.

Jadi untuk menjadikan amalan baik kita diterima Allah, pastikan ia.. 

1) Niat kerana Allah semata

2) Selaras dengan sunnah Rasulullah / apa yang Rasulullah

Dari sahabat iLuvQuran.. Tadabbur Quran yang kita ingin ajar pada anak-anak kita. MashaAllah. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Curahan hati seorang da'ei

"Ustadz, dulu ana merasa semangat dalam dakwah. Tapi belakangan rasanya semakin hambar. Ukhuwah makin kering. Bahkan ana melihat ternyata ikhwah banyak pula yang aneh-aneh.” Begitu keluh kesah seorang mad’u kepada murabbinya di suatu malam.

Sang murabbi hanya terdiam, mencoba terus menggali semua kecamuk dalam diri mad’unya. “Lalu, apa yang ingin antum lakukan setelah merasakan semua itu?” sahut sang murabbi setelah sesaat termenung.

“Ana ingin berhenti saja, keluar dari tugas ini. Ana kecewa dengan perilaku beberapa ikhwah yang justru tidak islami. Juga dengan organisasi dakwah yang ana geluti, kaku dan sering mematikan potensi anggota-anggotanya. Bila begini terus, ana mendingan sendiri saja…” jawab mad’u itu.

Sang murabbi termenung kembali. Tidak tampak raut terkejut dari roman wajahnya. Sorot matanya tetap terlihat tenang, seakan jawaban itu memang sudah diketahuinya sejak awal.

“Akhi, bila suatu kali antum naik sebuah kapal mengarungi lautan luas. Kapal itu ternyata sudah amat bobrok. Layarnya banyak berlubang, kayunya banyak yang keropos bahkan kabinnya bau kotoran manusia. Lalu, apa yang akan antum lakukan untuk tetap sampai pada tujuan?” tanya sang murabbi dengan kiasan bermakna dalam. Sang mad’u terdiam berpikir. Tak kuasa hatinya mendapat umpan balik sedemikian tajam melalui kiasan yang amat tepat.

“Apakah antum memilih untuk terjun ke laut dan berenang sampai tujuan?” sang murabbi mencoba memberi opsi.

“Bila antum terjun ke laut, sesaat antum akan merasa senang. Bebas dari bau kotoran manusia, merasakan kesegaran air laut, atau bebas bermain dengan ikan lumba-lumba. Tapi itu hanya sesaat. Berapa kekuatan antum untuk berenang hingga tujuan? Bagaimana bila ikan hiu datang? Darimana antum mendapat makan dan minum? Bila malam datang, bagaimana antum mengatasi hawa dingin?” serentetan pertanyaan dihamparkan di hadapan sang mad’u.

Tak ayal, sang mad’u menangis tersedu. Tak kuasa rasa hatinya menahan kegundahan sedemikian. Kekecewaannya kadung memuncak, namun sang murabbi yang dihormatinya justru tidak memberi jalan keluar yang sesuai dengan keinginannya.

“Akhi, apakah antum masih merasa bahwa jalan dakwah adalah jalan yang paling utama menuju ridho Allah?” Pertanyaan menohok ini menghujam jiwa sang mad’u. Ia hanya mengangguk.

“Bagaimana bila temyata mobil yang antum kendarai dalam menempuh jalan itu ternyata mogok? Antum akan berjalan kaki meninggalkan mobil itu tergeletak di jalan, atau mencoba memperbaikinya?” tanya sang murabbi lagi.

Sang mad’u tetap terdiam dalam sesenggukan tangis perlahannya. Tiba-tiba ia mengangkat tangannya, “Cukup ustadz, cukup. Ana sadar. Maafkan ana. Ana akan tetap istiqamah. Ana berdakwah bukan untuk mendapat medali kehormatan. Atau agar setiap kata-kata ana diperhatikan…”

“Biarlah yang lain dengan urusan pribadi masing-masing. Ana akan tetap berjalan dalam dakwah ini. Dan hanya Allah saja yang akan membahagiakan ana kelak dengan janji-janji-Nya. Biarlah segala kepedihan yang ana rasakan jadi pelebur dosa-dosa ana”, sang mad’u berazzam di hadapan murabbi yang semakin dihormatinya.

Sang murabbi tersenyum. “Akhi, jama’ah ini adalah jama’ah manusia. Mereka adalah kumpulan insan yang punya banyak kelemahan. Tapi di balik kelemahan itu, masih amat banyak kebaikan yang mereka miliki. Mereka adalah pribadi-pribadi yang menyambut seruan Allah untuk berdakwah. Dengan begitu, mereka sedang berproses menjadi manusia terbaik pilihan Allah.”

“Bila ada satu dua kelemahan dan kesalahan mereka, janganlah hal itu mendominasi perasaan antum. Sebagaimana Allah ta’ala menghapus dosa manusia dengan amal baik mereka, hapuslah kesalahan mereka di mata antum dengan kebaikan-kebaikan mereka terhadap dakwah selama ini. Karena di mata Allah, belum tentu antum lebih baik dari mereka.”

“Futur, mundur, kecewa atau bahkan berpaling menjadi lawan bukanlah jalan yang masuk akal. Apabila setiap ketidak-sepakatan selalu disikapi dengan jalan itu, maka kapankah dakwah ini dapat berjalan dengan baik?” sambungnya panjang lebar.

“Kita bukan sekedar pengamat yang hanya bisa berkomentar. Atau hanya pandai menuding-nuding sebuah kesalahan. Kalau hanya itu, orang kafirpun bisa melakukannya. Tapi kita adalah da’i. Kita adalah khalifah. Kitalah yang diserahi amanat oleh Allah untuk membenahi masalah-masalah di muka bumi. Bukan hanya mengeksposnya, yang bisa jadi justru semakin memperuncing masalah.” “Jangan sampai, kita seperti menyiram bensin ke sebuah bara api. Bara yang tadinya kecil tak bernilai, bisa menjelma menjadi nyala api yang membakar apa saja. Termasuk kita sendiri!”

Sang mad’u termenung merenungi setiap kalimat murabbinya. Azzamnya memang kembali menguat. Namun ada satu hal tetap bergelayut dihatinya. “Tapi bagaimana ana bisa memperbaiki organisasi dakwah dengan kapasitas ana yang lemah ini?” sebuah pertanyaan konstruktif akhirnya muncul juga.

“Siapa bilang kapasitas antum lemah? Apakah Allah mewahyukan begitu kepada antum? Semua manusia punya kapasitas yang berbeda. Namun tidak ada yang bisa menilai, bahwa yang satu lebih baik dari yang lain!” sahut sang murabbi.

“Bekerjalah dengan ikhlas. Berilah taushiah dalam kebenaran, kesabaran dan kasih sayang kepada semua ikhwah yang terlibat dalam organisasi itu. Karena peringatan selalu berguna bagi orang beriman. Bila ada sebuah isyu atau gosip, tutuplah telinga antum dan bertaubatlah. Singkirkan segala ghil (dengki, benci, iri hati) antum terhadap saudara antum sendiri. Dengan itulah, Bilal yang mantan budak hina menemui kemuliaannya.”

Suasana dialog itu mulai mencair. Semakin lama, pembicaraan melebar dengan akrabnya. Tak terasa, kokok ayam jantan memecah suasana. Sang mad’u bergegas mengambil wudhu untuk qiyamullail malam itu. Sang murabbi sibuk membangunkan beberapa mad’unya yang lain dari asyik tidurnya.

Malam itu, sang mad’u menyadari kekhilafannya. Ia bertekad untuk tetap berputar bersama jama’ah dalam mengarungi jalan dakwah. Pencerahan diperolehnya. Demikian juga yang diharapkan dari Antum/antunna yang membaca tulisan ini.. Insya Allah kita tetap istiqamah di jalan dakwah ini.. Dalam samudera tarbiyah ini.

Forwarded message. Author unknown. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

School Holiday Programmes in June 2014!


All praise to Allah for His help in allowing us to make these school holiday programs happen. 

Alhamdulillah we are having the successful I Luv Ash-Shams module in Bangi and Shah Alam and a new module,  I Luv Surah At-Toriq in our home center. 

Discipline in learning Quran - It's not always easy

It's not always easy to learn Quran, especially when we're beyond the age of twelve. Well, learning anything can be challenging. Who said it was easy learning to walk? Or the first few years when we were learning to read- no, it wasn't very easy, but those who persevered reap the benefits today. 

And yes it's also not easy to re learn the Quran, and especially memorize the Quran when you're already in your teens and beyond. So here's an ode to our persevering students. 

Sometimes you don't see the reward or point of going on.. You've been on the same page or same surah for the past weeks. 

And of course you don't see the invisible reward that Allah has prepared for those who recite the Quran in difficulty yet still persevere. 

Alhamdulillah, congratulations to our teenage Iqra' student who has been consistent in coming thrice a week, and has now finished her Iqra' 4. 

Alhamdulillah, congratulations to our specialist doctor who has finished revising juz 30, 29 and 28.. And has been strong to keep going on despite ustazah always asking her to repeat and perfect her memorization for juz 27.  

Alhamdulillah, congratulations to our coaching on the go professional reverts class, who are making great progress in reading the Quran, alhamdulillah. One has already started reading the Quran, and the other two are already on Iqra' 2 and 3. 

And alhamdulillah, congratulations to our professional executive student who has finished juz 30 and half of juz 1, yet has to keep persevering to perfect the half juz that she already has. 

Yes, it's not easy, but may Allah give us the strength that we need, with the noble intention of becoming ahlul Qur'an! Ameen. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Second interview session

Alhamdulillah with the good class enrolment that we currently have, and the requests from customers for a few new classes, we undertook the task of interviewing potentially new ustaz/ ustazah to join our Dream Team.

Pencarian Staff Baru Yang Osem

Untuk makluman semua ustaz/ah dan juga protaz/ah. iLuvQuran Tahfiz Center akan mengadakan interview untuk staff baru bagi pembukaan 5 kelas baru.

Kami mencari tenaga muda yang kreatif, berwibawa dan islamik dalam membawa aspirasi penghafazan Al-Quran sebagai suatu pengalaman yang osem, exciting dan menyeronokkan.

Sesi akan diadakan pada hari Sabtu (5 April 2014) malam pukul 8.30pm di iLuvQuran Tahfiz Center, Wangsa Melawati.

Jika berminat boleh emailkan resume ke atau boleh hubungi Faiz Sahri di 0123896900.

Position Baru Yang Dibuka (Sepenuh Masa dan Separuh Masa):
1. Tenaga Pengajar Tahfiz - Dewasa dan Anak-anak
2. Tenaga Pengajar Juz 30
3. Tenaga Pengajar Quranic Playgroup
4. Admin Staff

"Memorize Quran, Life Will Never Be The Same"

iLuvQuran Tahfiz Center

We received 15 applications, and were able to interview 6 on Saturday 5 April 2014. InshaAllah in the coming two weeks we will be interviewing the remaining nine.

There were a few overseas graduates, a few from UIA, alhamdulillah, and one international applicant who had been teaching Quran since he was 13. MashaAllah.

We did learn a few things from the interview, and do have a few tips for future applicants, but it would only be fair to share the tips once all 15 have been interviewed :).

Bittaufiq wannajah. Thank you to all the applicants, we wish you all the best in living your dreams, and we pray that iLuvQuran will be blessed with the best team!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

March, April and May plans

Bismillahi rahmani rahim
Alhamdulillahi rabbil 'alamin wassolatu wassalamu 'ala rasuluhil mubeen

All praises to Allah, we are soon entering our third month of operation. Alhamdulillah too, all our classes for Q Babies, Quranic Seedlings and Junior Al-Hafiz are full. The Quranic Coaching classes still have some space, for adults and teenagers. 

(A mother and daughter working together during Q Babies playgroup class)

Our Dream Team is working very hard to ensure the current students are understand, memorize and apply the lessons they've learnt at their current levels. Memorization, particularly is one of the main focus areas as iLuvQuran is a tahfiz center, and we are currently looking at the memorization rate and progress for all our students on a daily basis. From the data, inshaAllah we identify areas for improvement.  

Apart from that, our current goals for these coming two months are:

1. Getting a new class up for Quranic Seedlings, pending an interview session to identify the best candidate to teach our young stars. Alhamdulillah so far we already have a few student names on the waiting list. 

2. Start working on a specific module for teenagers. Our experience with teenagers memorizing the Quran is that there is a general lack  of motivation, understanding, and, as a consequence, love of Allah's message in their hearts. Of course, with the constant bombarding of social media, television, YouTube etc, all these things, unfortunately, look much more exciting than reading and memorizing Qur'an. And at the age of 13-17, no one, not even parents, can force them the way younger children can be coerced into learning something they don't want to. Thus, this is an area that we really want to develop to help build a better generation of teenagers who are closer to the Quran, and Allah. 

In case you are wondering, for the Q Babies, Quranic Seedlings and Junior Al-Hafiz classes, we do make our own modules and lesson plans for the classes- to ensure our students not only memorize, but understand the main messages in a fun way! InshaAllah we will soon start working on a specific module for teenagers too. 

Please make du'a that Allah gives us taufiq and hidayah to create a great solution to increase the understanding and love of our teenagers to the Qur'an while they memorize. Amin 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One hundred years more

One hundred years from now.. What would iLuvQuran look like... Perhaps it's premature to discuss this when we're barely a month old. But all great companies start with vision and direction. 

What would iLuvQuran look like 100 years from now?

A company that's changed the way people see and interact with Quran. 

A company whose customers, the young children we are teaching today, are the world's current capable leaders, with great thinking guided by the Quran. 

A company that continues to be grounded with the message and beauty of Allah's words.. But is continuously engaging, innovative and creatively empowering in our approach.   

The company values act as our compass to get us there.. Amin and inshaAllah. 

Be the change you wish to see in the world. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

First Month- Progress Report

On this morning's weekly meeting we are discussing our students' progress. Alhamdulillah, varied hafazan levels- for the Mon- Fri Quranic Generation class- some students are memorizing half page a day, some two to three lines a day and some a line a day depending on the students' capabilities and the complexity of the verse. 

For the Quranic Seedling classes, some students have finished memorizing their first and second surahs.. Some are still working diligently on their memorization :). But alhamdulillah we are very happy that the ustaz and ustazahs mentioned that most of the students are very excited and happy to spend time with Quran and memorize. We believe that is the best news- the positive perception that our children have on the Quran- so that they grow up with their hearts always close to the Quran. Alhamdulillah, mashaAllah. 

Another amazing story shared was on the behavioral improvements seen in one of the students. Alhamdulillah. During the first week of class, he was seen as a but aggressive and had hit some of his friends. Alhamdulillah after almost a month at iLuvQuran, he is no longer as aggressive and even his teachers at his day school shared with us their amazement at his positive change. Alhamdulillah. 

Perhaps it's the daily Quran infused into their hearts, perhaps it's the loving ustaz/ahs, perhaps it's the positive peer environment.. But one thing for sure is Allah has been full of Rahmah to us and the students, giving much of the Quranic values and messages to our students. Alhamdulillah. 

Ustaz Zaid updating the Dream Team on his students' hafazan progress. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Signboard's up!

Bismillah walhamdulillah

Alhamdulillah our signboard was installed this afternoon. InshaAllah, we hope you won't miss it as you pass by Wangsa Melawati! 

Drop by and give share some smiles and salams while you're in the area :). (The door is on the other side though, for first floor occupants, our doors are facing the houses). 

Installation in progress.. Now ready alhamdulillah ^_^. 

We hope this small effort will help you find us. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The first week of Junior Al-Hafiz

Alhamdulillah we've almost covered a week of the Junior Al-Hafiz programme. Feedback has been good so far, registration still coming in, and we are near our maximum number for this specific programme. Only 3 spots left for the afternoon Junior Al- Hafiz programme. Our challenge is to maintain the quality based our two main KPI's for ourselved, the children's memorization and their love of the Quran. 

We still have a few more spots for the morning teens and primary school Quranic Generation tahfiz programme. Quranic Seedlings programme for 5-8 year olds are almost filled up. So if you're interested, book a place pronto! :) 

Some pictures from this week:

Alhamdulillah when we pick up our Junior Al-Hafiz students from Sek Ren Islam Al-Amin their friends will ask, "Can we join the programme too?" Evidently the grapevine has been talking about the fun tahfiz programme alhamdu lillah ^_^. 

One of our Dream Team ustazahs, Ustazah Fadhilah even mentioned that she would love to have joined this type of tahfiz if she were growing up, alhamdu lillah :). 

We are working really hard to institutionalize our goals and modules while at the same time keeping our eyes out to keep getting better, inshaAllah. All goodness is surely from Allah. 

Wa billahi taufik wal hidayah :)
And to Allah belongs guidance - taufiq and hidayah. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Open day on 5/1 and first day of Junior Al-Hafiz

Bismillahi rahmani rahim

Alhamdulillah it's been three days since our Open Day on Sunday. It was a hectic day with visitors and most of the staff found ourselves voice-less and that we had forgotten about lunch in between the flow of visitors and friends coming in to find out more about iLuvQuran, alhamdulillah. 

Yesterday we had our first day of Junior Al- Hafiz and next Monday will be the first day of the second intake of Junior Al- Hafiz and the first week of Quranic Seedlings class. 

Alhamdulillah we have had excellent feedback, all praise to Allah, from the parents and students. Our ustazs and ustazahs have also been working very hard to deliver on our two pronged strategy of memorizing the Quran while having fun :). 

Among the feedback we've received, 

"My daughter was just supposed to stay for half of the session, but she loved it so much and insisted that I let her stay for the whole session"

"Usually when I pick my son up from school and day care, he will be very tired. But yesterday, when I picked him up from iLuvQuran he was so energetic and happy, alhamdulillah"

"I am so happy that my daughter started reading the surahs that she had already memorized, at home, without me asking her to. She also became more curious about stories in the Quran and asked me to share the stories with her"

"My son asked me, could I join iLuvQuran starting from the morning? I told him he has to go to school in the morning. He said he likes iLuvQuran more than school."

Alhamdulillah.. We are still working hard to improve our modules, our programmes, and to continuously deliver on the quality of fun and loving tahfiz center. Please make doa for us :)

So far our Junior Al-Hafiz programmes are almost full and our Q-Baby programme is already sold out. The Quranic Seedlings programme for 5-8 year olds still have some places and so do the morning teenager Quranic Generation and night/weekend adult memorization classes. 

Among the parents who have registered, is Puan Wardina, the well-known artist and TV host. She has registered all three of her children for our programmes after touring the facilities yesterday. One of UNIC's nashid singers has also registered his child.. And of course all the parents who are all celebrities in their own rights. Alhamdulillah and may the programme be beneficial for all our children's dunia and akhirat. Aamiin.