Thursday, January 9, 2014

The first week of Junior Al-Hafiz

Alhamdulillah we've almost covered a week of the Junior Al-Hafiz programme. Feedback has been good so far, registration still coming in, and we are near our maximum number for this specific programme. Only 3 spots left for the afternoon Junior Al- Hafiz programme. Our challenge is to maintain the quality based our two main KPI's for ourselved, the children's memorization and their love of the Quran. 

We still have a few more spots for the morning teens and primary school Quranic Generation tahfiz programme. Quranic Seedlings programme for 5-8 year olds are almost filled up. So if you're interested, book a place pronto! :) 

Some pictures from this week:

Alhamdulillah when we pick up our Junior Al-Hafiz students from Sek Ren Islam Al-Amin their friends will ask, "Can we join the programme too?" Evidently the grapevine has been talking about the fun tahfiz programme alhamdu lillah ^_^. 

One of our Dream Team ustazahs, Ustazah Fadhilah even mentioned that she would love to have joined this type of tahfiz if she were growing up, alhamdu lillah :). 

We are working really hard to institutionalize our goals and modules while at the same time keeping our eyes out to keep getting better, inshaAllah. All goodness is surely from Allah. 

Wa billahi taufik wal hidayah :)
And to Allah belongs guidance - taufiq and hidayah. 

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