Wednesday, February 26, 2014

March, April and May plans

Bismillahi rahmani rahim
Alhamdulillahi rabbil 'alamin wassolatu wassalamu 'ala rasuluhil mubeen

All praises to Allah, we are soon entering our third month of operation. Alhamdulillah too, all our classes for Q Babies, Quranic Seedlings and Junior Al-Hafiz are full. The Quranic Coaching classes still have some space, for adults and teenagers. 

(A mother and daughter working together during Q Babies playgroup class)

Our Dream Team is working very hard to ensure the current students are understand, memorize and apply the lessons they've learnt at their current levels. Memorization, particularly is one of the main focus areas as iLuvQuran is a tahfiz center, and we are currently looking at the memorization rate and progress for all our students on a daily basis. From the data, inshaAllah we identify areas for improvement.  

Apart from that, our current goals for these coming two months are:

1. Getting a new class up for Quranic Seedlings, pending an interview session to identify the best candidate to teach our young stars. Alhamdulillah so far we already have a few student names on the waiting list. 

2. Start working on a specific module for teenagers. Our experience with teenagers memorizing the Quran is that there is a general lack  of motivation, understanding, and, as a consequence, love of Allah's message in their hearts. Of course, with the constant bombarding of social media, television, YouTube etc, all these things, unfortunately, look much more exciting than reading and memorizing Qur'an. And at the age of 13-17, no one, not even parents, can force them the way younger children can be coerced into learning something they don't want to. Thus, this is an area that we really want to develop to help build a better generation of teenagers who are closer to the Quran, and Allah. 

In case you are wondering, for the Q Babies, Quranic Seedlings and Junior Al-Hafiz classes, we do make our own modules and lesson plans for the classes- to ensure our students not only memorize, but understand the main messages in a fun way! InshaAllah we will soon start working on a specific module for teenagers too. 

Please make du'a that Allah gives us taufiq and hidayah to create a great solution to increase the understanding and love of our teenagers to the Qur'an while they memorize. Amin 

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