Friday, December 6, 2013

Finding the best candidate

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

On 9 October 2013, nine huffaz attended iLuvQuran's interview session. A majority of the candidates were fresh graduates from Al-Azhar University, Egypt, one of the oldest and most well-respected Islamic institutions. Most of them graduated with a degree in Quranic Memorization and Qiraat (reading). 

Three of the candidates were experienced in the working environment, one teaching at another tahfiz, another working with Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri, and one, (surprise!) working in a multinational energy company. 

Most of the candidates started memorizing Quran since they were in school, and finished memorizing before they started working. But one exceptional candidate was so inspirational, he memorized Qur'an while working full-time in his 8-5 job. MashaAllah, may he serve as an inspiration to more people and inspire others to strive to memorize the words of Allah while understanding its meanings. 

And may we learn from him that despite already being a so called 'professional' - a doctor, engineer, lawyer, accountant, and other worldly professions, it's never too late nor impossible to memorize the Qur'an. He not only memorized the Qur'an, he also knew the meaning of the words when we tested him during the interview, mashaAllah. May Allah give him more benefit and ajr. Certainly Allah only blesses those whom He loves with knowledge, particularly the ability to memorize and know its meaning. 

Of course, this particular candidate will only teach on weekends and after work, but if I were you I'd definitely want to learn from him! 

The rest of the candidates, alhamdulillah were great young knowledgable huffaz, fresh Ustaz and Ustazahs with a willingness to learn and full of energy, inshaAllah :). 

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