Thursday, November 7, 2013

School holiday adventures :)

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Alhamdulillah we have two cool programs for children and teenagers during this school holiday:

1. Asyams : I Luv Surah Asyams, 1 fun week for kids

In 4 different locations, you can choose which location. (pls refer to the flyer)

The program runs from Mon- Friday.

Age : 6-8 yrs old.

The children will memorize asyams in one week plus learn about the main lessons of the surah through various activities including science and art activities, inshaAllah.


2. AlKahfi : Memorize AlKahfi in 20 Awesome Days

Location: Masjid al Muttaqin Wangsa Melawati

Program starts on 25/11-20/12, on weekdays only  

Age: 12-17 year olds

These teens will memorize surah AlKahfi, one of the great surahs that has stories about teens just like them, inshaAllah in 20 days (but a lot of commitment will be needed from the students as well! And they need to be able to read Quran fluently). At the same time, the ustaz/ ustazah has some fun activities to help them understand the message including storytelling, quizzes, vlogging and other hands on stuff.


We've built the program to incorporate learnings on the lessons of the Quran through creative activities while at the same time helping our children to write these messages onto their clean and dear hearts.


If you're interested, just go onto our website: to register :). Do spread the word to your friends too! Jazakumullahu khairan katheera - may Allah reward you with goodness :)



InshaALlah in January we will start our full programmes for different age groups and even adults and professionals like us to memorize and understand the Quran on a part-time basis (instead of the usual tahfiz that only caters for people to memorize Quran full time). Memorizing and of course understanding Quran has so many benefits spiritually, emotionally and physically :). And it's not just good for kids, it's great for adults too! That’s why our tagline is, Memorize Quran. Life will never be the same. ^_^



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